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Mold Removal-Remediation imageMold Removal-Remediation imageMold Removal-Remediation image
Have a mold problem?  Our process and product can relieve that for you .  Our product is USDA approved, non-toxic, bio-degradable, odorless and organic.  Our solution can get rid of mold and in most cases 'in place' treatment with same day results!  We have proven results for attics, basements, or any structure you need to get rid of mold. Most of all, we preserve the natural habit around the affected area and structure!  Added bonus we eliminate the odor related to mold and our product helps retard regrowth.

What is Remediation?

Remediation is the process of cleaning the mold and eliminating the moisture problem. This process is determined by the size of the remediation and whether occupants are experiencing any adverse symptoms that may be related to the mold. Since mold, destroys the surface materials it is on, remediation can preserve the structural integrity of the building. Failure to address a mold problem, ultimately can result in high replacement and rebuild costs.

--More information can be found here:     Mold information

Why Does Mold Need to Be Remediated?

  • To reduce or prevent adverse health problems
  • To preserve the integrity of the structure
  • To avoid high replacement costs if addressed early on
  • To retain the beauty and cosmetic appeal of the structure
  • To be able to utilize the room(s) once again
  • To preserve resale value of the property

NOTE: (Local and state laws may require a specific inspection and documentation protocol based on the affected area. We have resources available to help through this process and remediating the problem.)


Have a drop ceiling in your restaurant? We clean them to, while in place. Let us give you a cost effective way of keeping your kitchen ceiling clean and sanitized. USDA Approved Odorless NO harsh chemicals Safe around food or water source


Wood with mold, moss, fungus, mildew. and we return back to the original luster and causing NO damage to the wood. We do NOT use chlorine bleach which will fade and over time damage the structure and wood. For all woods, we use low volume pressure. Never high pressure which will raise the grain and damage the wood by removing the soft grains. Cedar Composite lPE Redwood Teak Treated Lumber Vinyl


Restore back to the original color and causing NO damage to the structure. We never use high pressure power washing or chlorine bleach, which will deteriorate the mortar and break down pavers/bricks over time. Our product have been proven over 20+ years. Brick EIFS Limestone Pavers Sandstone Stone Stucco


Yes we can take care of your odor problems in the house. Our product will remediate the issue. We use the same product for odors. We do NOT use Chlorine bleach or any harsh chemicals. USDA approved. Safe for your pets and loved ones. Cat Dog Fecal matter Skunk Smoke Urine and more


We can take those ugly looking roofs with mold, moss, fungus, and mildew. Restore back to the original color and causing NO damage to the roofing material. We do not use high volume water pressure and NO chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals that could shorten the life of your roof. Asphalt Cedar Metal Slate Tile

We are a remediation and restoration company.  We provide the best solution to your speciality cleaning needs related to mold, mildew, fungus, and odor.  We have over 20 years of experience and proven product for over 35 years.

Our Services:
Specialty cleaning, restoration, and remediation.

Our System:
The Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology. Our LVLP system is applied as a fine mist. It penetrates and deep cleans without causing damage to wood surfaces. It will not raise the grain or cause splintering. It does restore wood to its natural honey tone. It restores the roof to its original condition and will bring the luster back to faded siding. Our system will lift failed sealers and stain.
Our system for mold remediation is very effective. Our Mold Extraction Technology (MET) in mold remediation will pull the mold out of attics and basements. There is no need to paint or encapsulate moldy surfaces. We also offer mold inhibitors recommended by the CDC which inhibit the regrowth of mold and mildew. They are USDA approved, non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic.

Why we are not power washers?

Our ECOWASH product does the work and we only rinse with low volume pressure washing.  Power washing can cause damage and over time destroy the material you are trying to clean.

Is our ECOWASH safe?

Our ECOWASH is  USDA approved, non-toxic, biodegradable, organic!
no harsh chemicals, will not damage the structure or material we are cleaning.  SEEING IS BELIEVING. We do free demos!  Who else can say that?

Do we use chlorine bleach or any harsh chemcials?

Quick answer is NO.  

Facts about Chlorine Bleach:

• Kills the plants and shrubs
• Kills fish or marine life
• Does not clean a roof-only bleaches the dirt
• Higher concentrations of bleach take the color out of your roof
• Only temporarily kills the mold as it comes right back
• Repeated power washing with bleach damages the structure
• Chlorine Bleach also turns the cement into sand over repeated use.
• Chlorine Bleach will rust all the metal parts on a house such as gutters.
• Chlorine Bleach can't be used on wooden shakes or asphalt shingles
• If it falls on vinyl siding, it will begin to deteriorate the siding and make it chalky

Why is high power washing bad?

Facts about using a high pressure power washing:

• Stripped paint
• Shredded window screens
• Loose and dented vinyl siding
• Loose brickwork from cut mortar
• Damaged seals on windows, resulting in clouding and water damage
• Splintered or cracked wood
• Algae, mold, and mildew growth from water build-up beneath the siding

Do we use antimicrobials?

When to comes to our Mold Remediation our product is USDA approved, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-allergenic,  and organic!
We are the only ones with this product and proven for over 30 years. We do not use any antimicrobials which can cause health issues to people that are sensitive to chemicals. As an added bonuses our product also removes odors.

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